You Want To Make Money Online But Can't Get People To Buy Anything From You Right?

              You're Spending All Your Time & Money On All The WRONG Things...

Its NOT About Your Product...Your 'Secret Back Door' Traffic System or Even The Type Of Traffic You Use...    

When I Finally Discovered The TRUTH...I made $60,000 in 2 Days.  A brand new beginner I taught this to made $100,000 in 2  months...

"I am pleased to say that due
to you teachings i have gained $60,000k in revenue
in my ventures…not to mention what my team…has made.
The best part is the value and support you give totally
out weighs any cost we incurred..."
Jeff & Janet Grenier

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You've Been Doing All The WRONG Things!!

Nearly everything you've been told about internet marketing is wrong... DEAD WRONG.

Despite what you've been told...its absolutely NOT about: the system, the product,
any particular home biz op ... or the traffic!!!

If you've been messing with these things and everything else you've been told and you've been failing... ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.

I'm going to reveal THE TRUTH about how you can:

  • Generate all the 'red hot' leads you want whenever you want them
  • Convert 'stone cold' strangers into paying customers at 40-50% consistenly
  • Know who your Perfect Customer is for your offer/biz opp
  • Know EXACTLY what your Perfect Customer desperately wants
  • Know what the best traffic sources are for your offer and where to find that traffic
  • Know how to create a high converting sales funnel that converts any traffic anytime
  • Generate all your leads for FREE

The Traffic & Conversion  Blueprint And 'Perfect Customer' Template

     You're receiving my FREE REPORT including training videos and a short No B.S. video on my Traffic & Conversion Blueprint and 'Perfect Customer' Template in your email in box where I show you...

- how to determine your Perfect Customer
- what your Perfect Customer  will pay you for
- get your Perfect Customer to BUY and LOVE you for it.
- where to get the perfect traffic for your offer
-how to consistently convert stone cold strangers EVERY TIME
-how to generate leads FOR FREE and make your profits on your 'back end'


      I used these same strategies to earn $60,000 in 2 days.  One of my students used these same techniques I will share with you and made over $100,000 in a few months.  I use them every single day to create MULTIPLE SIX FIGURE businesses.

    What may have worked 12-24 months  ago doesn't even make a dent today!!  Plain and simple if you want to learn how to make $10,000 Per Month...


       My proven Traffic & Conversion Blueprint and  'Cash-Money' 'Perfect Customer' Template shows you step by step how to do everything.

opt-in-stats Here are my actual stats. While the industry average for conversions is 20-25% I consistently convert at well over 50%.   That's why I'm able to make so much funnel converts CRAZY GOOD!!

" But Kevin...Will It Work For Me?"

     Right about now all you need to convince yourself is whether my Traffic & Conversion Blueprint and 'Perfect Customer' template and other selling techniques will work for you...right? Here's the extremely close attention now...

     As long as you're selling to human beings...human psychology will control WHAT and HOW those human beings will buy...PERIOD.

     You see, EVERYBODY wants something...needs something. And if you offer to give people what they most deeply want....not what YOU think you should want or NOT what you have for them...

But if you determine who is the Perfect Customer for your offer...

And if you offer that Perfect Customer what THEY desperately want...

And if you know where to find the BEST TRAFFIC SOURCE matched to your offer...

And if you know how to create a HIGH CONVERTING SALES FUNNEL...


That's what you've been missing...putting all these critical components in place in the proper sequence.

   That's EXACTLY why my Traffic & Conversion Blueprint and  Perfect Customer Template and my other selling techniques are no powerful...they show you how to determine EXACTLY what your Perfect Customer WANTS and teaches you EXACTLY how to GIVE IT TO THEM in a HIGH CONVERTING SALES FUNNEL....the TRUE KEYS TO CONVERTING COLD TRAFFIC AND MAKING SALES!!

"Ok Kevin Sounds Great...How Much Will This Cost Me?"

     Recently, my clients and students who mentor with me 1 on 1 live have paid between $5,000 and $6,000 for this very same information.  My list is growing so large now that I can't possibly handle all the 1 on 1  coaching requests that pour in.  

     So since SO MANY of you literally have literally begged me to offer this information to you, I've created this Step by Step video version of my live 4 hour Traffic & Conversion Workshop for an extremely attractive price ANYONE can afford...only $597.00. absolute steal when you consider people are paying me $5,000 to $6,000 for this very same information and when you consider   I spent  TENS OF THOUSANDS figuring all this out. To get a value of $5,000-$6,000 for $597 is an absolute STEAL!!!  

    But this deal gets even better.....

       ''Only $597... What A Great Deal!!

9 Killer FREE BONUSES + 13 Hour Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 Training..
Special 'Fast Action' Bonus Package When You Act RIGHT NOW!

     And because I want to deliver unquestionable value to you, I created 9 KILLER FREE BONUSES you get with The Traffic & Conversion Workshop. Here are your 9 FREE BONUSES:

  • Bonus 1

    List of Paid Traffic Sources.

    Never wonder where to get responsive's all here for you. Value $297...yours FREE

  • Bonus 2

    Perfect Customer Template

    Fill in the blank "PLUG AND PLAY' templates for discovering who your 'Perfect Customer' When you're selling to the 'Perfect Customer' everything else becomes a breeze..Value $197...yours FREE

  • Bonus 3

    7 Figure Rolodex of Sources And Tools

    Everything you need all compiled in one place. It took me over 8 years to collect all get them all without all the 'sweat equity.' Great deal for you!! Value $997...yours FREE

  • Bonus 4

    'How To Become Unstoppable' Training

    The mindset 'hacks' and principles I use to create a 7 figure net worth by age 40, start and run 2 6 figure (soon to be 7 figure) businesses, complete 7 26.2 mile marathons, go to law school, med school and an elite college, pick up the piano at age 30 and now play jazz, rock and classical with 2 different groups, sing classical sacred music in 2 professional level get the idea. I manifest everything I set my mind to...and how YOU can too. One of my favorite trainings..Value $297...yours absolutely FREE.

  • Bonus 5

    Headline & Power Words Template

    My EXACT headlines and power words that pull cash like crazy...Value $197...yours FREE

  • Bonus 6

    Free Traffic Sources

    If you're on a budget and need free traffic here's EXACTLY where to find it.Value $197...yours FREE

  • 7 Wealth Cycle Template

    The wealthy DO know something you don' it is and how to use it

    How to transform your income into true wealth...the true goose that lays the golden egg!!
    Value $197...yours FREE

  • Bonus 8

    Webinar Template

    Why sell to one when you can sell to HUNDREDS at the same time.Step by step formula for creating your own CASH GENERATING webinars.Value $697...yours FREE

  • Bonus 9

    How To Create Your Own Free Report or Tripwire Product

    A critical component of a high converting sales funnel is having a low dollar report or 'tripwire' product that a cold prospect feels comfortable buying from you as their first purchase. Step by step template for creating your own high converting tripwire or free report. So important for being able to recoup your initial marketing costs and generating you leads for net zero cost.
    Value $397...yours FREE


    13 Hour Video Training...The Beginners Bootcamp 2.0

    13 Hour Video Training showing you how to set up EVERY single component necessary to create your own $10,000 per month online business and be up and running and ready to make money in 13 short weeks. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is included: how to determine your Perfect Customer, How To Write Cash Generating Ad Copy, How To Create Websites, Video, How to Write Emails That Sell..How To Generate Your Own Leads, How To Convert Your Leads To Sales, How To Create Your Own Residual Recurring Income, How To Test Track and Improve...and So Much More!!

Your [training] is awesome and
it's exactly what I've been looking for to get
my business up and running quickly.
The videos are easy to follow and they helped
me to lay a solid foundation to build my business on.
Honestly, I would have been stupid not to take
advantage of the offer that you put out there."
Kyle Quinlan

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     WHEW! That's a lot of goodies...and you get ALL 10 BONUSES  ABSOLUTELY FREE when you purchase The TRAFFIC & CONVERSION WORKSHOP for the ridiculously low price of $597 This is what I call a HELL YES OFFER...and the kind of offer you'd be CRAZY to pass up. The TRAFFIC & CONVERSION WORKSHOP plus the 10 Free Bonuses ....are yours FOR ONLY $597 WHEN YOU PURCHASE BEFORE TIMER HITS ZERO!!!

You're Only Inches Away Now From Learning How To Consistently Convert Cold Traffic...

     There's not much else to say.  You see what I've shared with you is the TRUE way to sell and also the right way to convert stone cold strangers into paying customers.

      You  see that it works for me..for my clients...and that it can work for you. You see that the price is super affordable. You see the 9 KILLER FREE BONUSES are worth more than the course itself.

     You want to learn to make $10,000 per month... You want to quit your dead end life sucking job You want to give yourself and your family EVERYTHING you and they deserve. The TRAFFIC & CONVERSION WORKSHOP  is your pathway to EVERYTHING you want!!!

       At this point you really only have 2 choices...

 1.  Do nothing and continue down the same road you're already on...

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knowledge.. is one thing. Having the system to
consistently crank out great opportunities is another
and working with Kevin has taught me this system.
I recommend Kevin's... program for any[one] looking
to take their... business to the next level.
Kevin provides great knowledge, experience,
leadership and the accountability..."
John Montgomery

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"Its Your Life....Make It Extraordinary"
Kevin Pritchett

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence?

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

What My Students and Clients Say About Kevin Pritchett...

jeff-and-janet-grenier“Hello Kevin,
I just want to send a note to say THANK YOU!!!!
I have many mentors in my journey but I must say I have
definitely received some of the best mentoring from you.
You have an excellent way of training that makes it easy
and fun to learn… I am pleased to say that due
to you teachings i have gained 60k in revenue
in my ventures…not to mention what my team…has made.
The best part is the value and support you give totally
out weighs any cost we incurred while working for you.
Again, THANK YOU Kevin, you have truly helped
us take our business to the next level.
Please keep doing what your doing, adding
value to peoples lives!!!!!”

Thank you,

- Jeff & Janet Grenier

“Kevin, How Do I Sign Up And How Do You Take Payment...Are You Serious??

I can do a lot of things, as you know, but someone like me, and I'm not ashamed to say, [regarding the internet] I know nothing.

I'm sure I and others would benefit greatly from your Beginner's Bootcamp. Do you realize how many "Computer Dummies" there are out there?

Now Are You REALLY Serious???!!"

- Sheryl Davies, Salem, Oregon

rick-canale“When Kevin began coaching me... I felt more confident knowing that he was chosen to be a coach and that I was receiving valuable information from an experienced mentor. Things began to come together and a new world began to open in front of me.

Kevin's training was invaluable. I appreciated his professionalism, patience, understanding, guidance, and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. He still continues to do so.

The entire process has been enjoyable, so if you are serious about making things happen, Kevin can guide you through the process and the steps necessary to get you started. I can't say enough how important it is to be coached and mentored by a person like Kevin.

Thanks Kevin "

- Rick Canale, Lake Tahoe

pete-hundley"Quite simply, Kevin is a smart and
understanding entrepreneur with keen
leadership skills and abilities who is
willing to share his attributes with those
who are willing to learn, listen and lead

I believe anyone who takes his course will not
only be far ahead of the pack but will be on their
way to a life changing experience.  His course is
worth every dollar spent and more.  Needless to
say, I look forward to working with him for a
very long time.  He is truly a blessing."

- P Hundley, VETEP Productions

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  • Why Only $597. For So Much Info?

    If you’re thinking “$597 is such a great value for all this info including the 9 killer bonuses …what’s the catch? then there are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1) $597 makes this information available to almost anyone who is serious, be it a novice presenter, a celebrity speaker or an accomplished businessperson. (You also don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission to spend a mere $597, or contrive ways of getting such money) You piss that much or more away in a weekend!!

2) We want to make this information accessible, but not to those who scavenge everything that is out there for free. We only want this information to reach those who actually need it and are willing to make a modest commitment to their own development.

3) It is our firm belief that once you have applied this technology, the results will be so amazing that you would want to become our client. Our main goal is to establish long-term and mutually profitable business relations with you.

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

This is a value of at least $8,000-$9,000 when you include the Traffic & Conversion Workshop   and the 9 KILLER BONUSES...the Paid Traffic Sources List and the 'Perfect Customer' generating templates plus everything else you get when you act NOW.

If you have a problem with GREAT VALUES, like I do, that's why I am not planning to keep this at a measly $597 for very long!!!.

  • When do I get access to this?

     Immediately. When you pull out your credit card, buy this and then boom, pow you'll have it online delivered.

     Your access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you will be able to create your login and password to a members area that will contain all your materials including all the FREE BONUSES…available IMMEDIATELY for your use.

  • What exactly is this?

  What you will get is over 3 hours of my video training showing every step of  my proven $10K/month sales funnel, my Sell Without Selling strategies and the complete Traffic & Conversion Workshop with 4   1 hour step by step video Modules.  Every component of my own high performing sales  funnel is included  and I also included a video explaining every component and how each works together to convert cold traffic to sales and CASH.

A tested and proven sales funnel the converts cold traffic to paying customers is the 'secret sauce' of ALL 6 and 7 figure earners so having this beauty in your hands is quite literally worth an actual fortune to you in what it can help you earn.

The 'Perfect Customer' Template is a plug and play tool that allows you to determine EXACTLY who is your 'Perfect Customer'  and  who is most likely to give you money for whatever product or service you're offering.

Finally, the Paid Traffic Sources shows you EXACTLY where to go to obtain targeted traffic to send to your offers. You'll be MILES ahead of the competition when you know where to get all the targeted traffic you could ever want.

With all these resources PLUS THE OTHER FREE BONUSES you truly will be way way ahead of the game and in a position to create your business starting on the right foot.  Will you need additional resources...of course.  But with what you're getting here, you will have not only a step by step formula for converting 'stone cold' traffic to sales but also a proven road and my proven and tested sales funnel to generating your first $10,000 online

Taken all together what you will have is a thorough, complete, nothing left out,  a step by step complete blueprint for creating success with selling and persuasion and how to get ‘stone cold strangers’ to buy from you.

We dominate  with our own advertising…we routinely get  50-60% of 'stone cold' strangers to say ‘yes’ to our offers  because we use this very same formula. You should know the average in the industry is around 5-25%...we know our stuff and we know this works..we use it every day and so do our clients and students.

After spending lots of money in testing and perfecting these formulas, we put them into systems for our team to use and we're now rolling this out  for public use.

Jump On This $597 Price AND 10 FREE BONUSES While You Still Can!!  When Clock Hits ZERO Price Increases To $997 AND NO FREE BONUSES!!!

"Success is the name of the game with Kevin!
He is inspirational, positive and gets results.
 His methods are clear and his mentoring is unmatched.
There is no question or uncertainty in his methods,
they’re proven. Failure is not an option with Kevin,
he won’t allow it!"
                                -Deb Kushnir

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