This Is SO Scary…Are You Paying Attention?

Hey Kevin Pritchett here:
      This is SO Scary…..
=    Ford Motor Company, Volkswagon, Toyota announce TENS OF
of    layoffs…JUST TO BOOST short term profits!!!  BAD
=  Macys closing 68 stores job losses =over10,000!!!   BAD
== Walmart cutting 1,000 jobs…(if you can’t get a job at Walmart you’re
REALLY screwed) BAD
==Cisco laying off over 6600 jobs…omg layoffs in tech too…BAD
    Think it won’t happen to YOUR job…NEITHER DID THEY!!
   Layoffs, cutbacks, downsizing…..It’s not the exception anymore…

Which Jobs Are Vulnerable?
    So which jobs are most vulnerable?    In a widely noted study
published in 2013, Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne
examined the probability of computerisation for 702 occupations
and found that 47% of workers in America had jobs at high risk
of potential automation.
   In particular, they warned that most workers in
=    transport and logistics (such as taxi and delivery drivers) and
=    office support (such as receptionists and security guards) “are likely to
be  substituted by computer capital”,
=    workers in sales and services
(such as cashiers, counter and rental clerks,
telemarketers and accountants) also faced a high risk of
 =    even radiologists (doctors who take and read X-rays, Cat scans etc) are
being layed off
(yes even ‘professionals’ like accountants and even doctors are vulnerable!!
Middle Class…What Middle Class??
 Take a good close look at the economic classes of those job layoffs above…
mostly (but not entirely) middle class, unskilled jobs….middle class…WHAT
I’ve told you before…..
 If You Remain Analog In A Digital    World…You Will Be Crushed!!
And if you are an ‘unskilled’ worker….you are MOST vulnerable!!!
    If you think things are bad now….JUST WAIT!!!
The squeeze on unskilled and even skilled workers is  only going to increase!!  Your only hope is to stay ahead…WAY AHEAD of the automation and layoff curve and become digital…NOW.
     Fascinating Book…The Inevitable’  by Kevin Kelly
   So I got real curious about this automation phenomenon and wanted to learn more.  I picked up a book called “The Inevitable’ by Kevin Kelly. The subtitle to the book:
               ‘Understanding The 12 Technological Forces
                            That will Shape Our Future’
     Kelly describes as already happening:
= artificial intelligence AI, converging with EVERYTHING to create new,             faster, more automated ways of doing everything he calls it
COGNIFYING’…for example
cognified music-creating music from algorithms that changes and evolves
based on the actions and reactions of the listener;
cognified marketing-tracking what ads people view, how much time they spend looking at the ad, following what connections the viewer has in order to ‘optimize attention and influence per ad dollar spent..”
cognified nursing-patients monitored with sensors to customize their care
    The list of human activities that AI will impact is virtually endless and each cognified activity makes obsolete entire realms of human employment.
Brave New World or Nightmare Scenario?
    So the question becomes is all this AI and automation good or bad?
My friends the reality is that it is HERE RIGHT NOW…..and depending on how you prepare it will either be a brave new world for you or your worse nightmare.
     While entire industries are being eliminated, brand new ones are being created daily.   However, in the midst of all this change one thing will ALWAYS remain a constant…..
                                 Human Nature Will Remain 
       People will have wants, needs, fears and desires and YOUR job will be to use whatever media or technology that is current or prevailing to PROVIDE VALUE to people…which means..solve their problems and address their needs.
        Long ago I saw the ‘new wave’ coming and jumped right into the middle of it.  I had NO IDEA of how to use a computer let alone engage in ‘e-commerce.’
       But I LOVED the idea of being able to sit at my desk, construct a message, create a product or service and offer it to literally MILLIONS of people around the world.

       I LOVED the idea of creating a video channel that had the reach of the most powerful television station on television.

       Fast forward to today…..
  I make money while I sleep…
=    while I”m on vacation
==  while I’m riding my bike
==   while I’m traveling, playing piano

I don’t fear technology or change or innovation.  In fact…

The more layoffs, the more people beg me to teach them…to get them up to speed on the internet and digital commerce.
   I’ve learned to use this incredible vehicle to BE MYSELF, SHARE MY GIFTS and be of VALUE AND SERVICE to people who want to be their best selves.
    Isn’t that what YOU want for yourself??
    To be your BEST SELF…
    To express WHO YOU ARE..
    To LIVE LIFE on YOUR terms????
The Future Is Now And You Have A Choice
In the face of these truths you can either:
==DO NOTHING…and become another pitiful statistic
== BURY YOUR HEAD in the sand and UNSUBSCRIBE from my list or/and
send me snide emails   (which btw I  just laugh   at and then unsubscribe
This Doesn’t Have To Happen To You…But You MUST Make A Decision
Hello Kevin,
I just want to send a note to say THANK YOU!!!!
I have many mentors in my journey but I must say I have definitely received some of the best mentoring from you.
You have an excellent way of training that makes it easy and fun to learn… I am pleased to say that due to you teachings i have gained 60k in revenue in my ventures…
not to mention what my team…has made.
The best part is the value and support you give totally
out weighs any cost we incurred while working for you.
Again, THANK YOU Kevin, you have truly helped
us take our business to the next level.
Please keep doing what your doing, adding
value to peoples lives!!!!!”
                              Jeff and Janet Grenier
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    I’ve shown THOUSANDS of people how to make money from home…from professionals to 90/wk truck drivers (just like Jeff and his wife Janet above)
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   If you do nothing, your future is really quite scary and its not a matter of IF but WHEN you’ll be crushed by the layoff/automation wave!!!
“in every life there comes a moment of great decision
that changes your life forever.”
“Its your life….make it Extraordinary!”
Kevin Pritchett

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