Want To Earn $10,000 Per Month

From Home But Need Help?

My Gold Inner Circle Monthly Membership

Is Just What You Need!!

The Gold Inner Circle Monthly Membership Teaches You:

  • How to begin earning a full time income ($10,000 a month) even if you don't have a big budget to start.
  • How to know EXACTLY who your perfect customer is
  • Where your perfect customer hangs out and how to attract them to you like bees to honey
  • How to get your perfect customer to buy from you and LOVE you for it.
  • Case study of one of my students who implemented just a couple of the principles I teach and made over $60,000 of personal income. His sales team generated over $100,000 as a result of what I taught him.

And that was just one WEEK.

Here's what on tap for the weeks and months coming for my Gold Inner Circle Members:

  • How to create web pages easily even if you have NO tech skills;
  • How to create videos that SELL
  • How to create a compelling offer your perfect customer will jump all over
  • Where to find proven, responsive offers if you don't have one of your own
  • Where to find a virtually unlimited amount of traffic to send to your offer

The Gold Inner Circle Is A Step By Step Blueprint On How To Make $10,000 A Month

In essence over the weeks and months, Gold Inner Circle Members will receive from me a step by step $10,000 a month blue print.

If you're serious about :

  • Wanting to make $10,000 a month from home;
  • Quitting your dead end, life sucking job
  • Living anywhere
  • Giving your family and yourself the things they and you deserve

Then the only thing that makes sense is for you to join Gold Inner Circle immediately.


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No Income Guarantees

     Of course I am absolutely NOT guaranteeing you will make a certain amount of money...or ANY money for that matter. I can lead you to water but I can't MAKE you drink. You have to want it badly. YOU have to do the work.

     But doesn't it make sense that your odds of success skyrocket when you have a proven step by step formula and a mentor to help you every single month??

     Of course your odds of success are better...that's EXACTLY why I created this monthly membership...for people who want help but who aren't quite ready for the financial or time commitment of my 1 on 1 consultancy help (with my consultant rates of $1500 per hour). This gets you in the game and gets you my help for a stupid ridiculously low price...$97/month.

Gold Inner Circle Monthly Membership

     Here's what you get in Gold Inner Circle Monthly Membership for a measly $97/     $47/month

  • Weekly 60 min video training (live and I record and store it in members area if you can't make live);
  • Monthly 'all hands' training webinar with Q & A. I will bring in other experts, thought leaders, 7 figure earners to assist me.
  • Regular call in days when you can call me and ask me ANYTHING or have me review any marketing piece or website.
  • Templates, checklists, tools..everything you need.

You Have No Risk…30 Day Money Back Guarantee

     30 Day Money Back Guarantee...you don't like it in the first 30 days...you get your $97   $47 back no questions asked. I created this to be a NO RISK offer for you....you CAN'T LOSE!!


  • 7 Figure Rolodex of sources
  • Copywriting headline template
  • How To Be Unstoppable training (these principles have allowed me to be a monster...7 marathons, multiple 6 figure businesses...play piano, sing with symphony chorus...anything I desire to achieve I achieve because of the principles in this training...and its FREE...DAMN THAT'S GOOD...all for just $97/month!! You'd piss that amount away and more in a month with nothing to show for it. You KNOW YOU WANT THIS!!!


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You Either See This Or You Don't.

     You either see the value in this mentorship or you don't. As I say in the video above, you're either one of three types:

  • You see it...want it and say "HELL YES" I'm in!!"
  • You get pissed (seriously there are people who react this way) and you don't want to keep hearing about what's possible and because you either don't believe, have been burned in the past and or afraid to try again or are just plain a dumb ass...you remove yourself from my list....stupid but OK with me;
  • This third type is really the most pitiful....
  • You KNOW you need to do something different
  • You KNOW what I'm telling you works and that it can work for you
  • But YOU DO NOTHING!!!...as a result your life never changes..a week, a month, a year from now you're in the same damn place you are now...don't be this person!

You know you want this…
You know you NEED help…
You know Gold Inner Circle and I can help you…
Get Gold Inner Circle Right now!!


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Remember "Its Your Life....Make It Extraordinary"
Kevin Pritchett



Here’s what my current and former students have to say about my mentoring….

“Hello Kevin, I just want to send a note to say THANK YOU!!!! I have many mentors in my journey but I must say I have definitely received some of the best mentoring from you. You have an excellent way of training that makes it easy and fun to learn… I am pleased to say that due to you teachings i have gained $60,000 in revenue in my ventures…not to mention what my team…has made. The best part is the value and support you give totally out weighs any cost we incurred while working for you. Again, THANK YOU Kevin, you have truly helped us take our business to the next level. Please keep doing what your doing, adding value to peoples lives!!!!!” Thank you,

- Jeff & Janet Grenier

“Kevin, How Do I Sign Up And How Do You Take Payment...Are You Serious?? I can do a lot of things, as you know, but someone like me, and I'm not ashamed to say, [regarding the internet] I know nothing. I'm sure I and others would benefit greatly from your Beginner's Bootcamp. Do you realize how many "Computer Dummies" there are out there? Now Are You REALLY Serious???!!"

- Sheryl Davies, Salem, Oregon

“When Kevin began coaching me... I felt more confident knowing that he was chosen to be a coach and that I was receiving valuable information from an experienced mentor. Things began to come together and a new world began to open in front of me. Kevin's training was invaluable. I appreciated his professionalism, patience, understanding, guidance, and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. He still continues to do so. The entire process has been enjoyable, so if you are serious about making things happen, Kevin can guide you through the process and the steps necessary to get you started. I can't say enough how important it is to be coached and mentored by a person like Kevin. Thanks Kevin "

- Rick Canale, Lake Tahoe

"Quite simply, Kevin is a smart and understanding entrepreneur with keen leadership skills and abilities who is willing to share his attributes with those who are willing to learn, listen and lead. I believe anyone who takes his course will not only be far ahead of the pack but will be on their way to a life changing experience.  His course is worth every dollar spent and more.  Needless to say, I look forward to working with him for a very long time.  He is truly a blessing."

- P Hundley, VETEP Productions


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