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How To Create A Complete Online Business in 13 Weeks

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My name is Kevin Pritchett. If you're reading this page you've already seen my "7 Internet Marketing Insider Secrets" Video Series and you want to know how to make this work

"That's All Fine And Good Kevin...But I Don't Know How To Do Anything On The Internet"

     That's exactly why I created the Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp 2.0. I know most people when they first start out, don't know how to create web pages, write an effective ad, create videos, use autoresponders, generate leads, or talk to people in order to get them to join them.

     I know EXACTLY where you are because I WAS you about 8 years ago. I didn't know ANYTHING and was frustrated as heck. Further, nobody would teach me. Well now you've got a friend.

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Who Is The Beginner's Bootcamp 2.0 Designed For?

You will benefit from the Beginner's Bootcamp if:

  • You want to make $10,000 a month or more on the internet but you don't know the first thing about webpages, videos, autoresponders, finding people to talk to or getting someone to buy from you or join your business
  • You have already identified a business opportunity or product you want to market but don't have the internet knowledge to get started
  • You're intimidated to even begin searching for a product or opportunity to market because you don't have any internet knowledge and don't have a clue where to begin.

"So What Does The Beginner's Bootcamp Consist Of?"

     The Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 consists of 13 recorded video lessons on all the vital subjects required to market effectively online.

     I recorded 13 step by step classes on all of the critical internet marketing skill sets. Every lesson begins by explaining EXACTLY what you should know at that point. Each lesson proceeds to instruct you by way of 12 sequential, easy to understand, tight, focused 1 hour presentations on each of the 10 Fundamental Marketing Core Competencies.

     In addition, there are "homework" assignments for you to complete in between each of the 13 classes so that you are ready for each succeeding lesson.

      That's a total of over 13 hours of personal instruction from me with focused lessons for you to continue your training in between classes.

      I designed this originally as my own "Team Training Guide".  It worked so well, non team members literally begged me to offer it to them.  Each lesson or “class” builds upon the previous class and proceeds in a simple, straightforward step by step manner.  No techno babble..just straight talk.

     Each Class shows my actual screen so you can follow along on your own computer and pause, rewind and review any part you need to at your own pace as many times as you need.

"What Will The Beginner's Bootcamp Teach Me To Do?"

Here's what I teach in the Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp:

  • Fast Start Guide

    Is a no BS overview of the entire program and shows you just how to get the most from your Bootcamp Lessons.

  • Class 1:

    Marketing Theory; The 5 Marketing Pillars The Critical Marketing Activities You Need To Focus On To Make Money; Setting Your Goals. I Give You a $100,000 a year template.

  • Class 2:

    How To Determine Your 'Perfect Customer' With Money To Spend.

  • Class 3:

    The 'Funded Proposal’ How To Make Money From The People Who Say 'No.' Without this you will fail

  • Class 4:

    How To Set Up 'Killer' Web Pages That Sell

  • Class 5:

    How To Use Autoresponders To Sell On Autopilot. Proper Follow Up Is The 'Secret Sauce' In Selling.

  • Class 6:

    How To Create Videos That Sell

  • Class 7:

    Paid Traffic Sources & Strategies

  • Class 8:

    Free Traffic Sources & Strategies

  • Class 9:

    Generating Your Own Leads Tied Only To You

  • Class 10:

    Converting Your Leads To Sales & $$$ This Is The 'Money Step' And So Misunderstood. I teach you to do it Right And Have Them LOVE you for it!

  • Class 11:

    Generating Recurring Residual Income: Your 'WealthMachine'

  • Class 12:

    Tracking & Metrics: How To Make Everything Better So You Make More Money From The Same Effort

  • Class 13:

    Ongoing Education & Training. You NEVER stop learning. I Show You EXACTLY what to focus on


  • My Personal 7 Figure Rolodex Of Resources and Contacts.
  • How To Become Irresistible To Your List. My 'Secret Sauce' Training Of How I Sell Without Selling
  • Paid Traffic Sources List. Proven Sources of Paid Traffic So That You Have TONS of High Performing Traffic To Send To Your Offers. This Is Why I Cream My Competition. NOBODY has this!!
  • How To Become Unstoppable. My Unique Mindset Training To Transform You Into A Razor. I used This For Myself But Also To Help Everyone From Train Internet Marketers, Real Estate Investors To Marathon Runners.
  • Access To My Blog To Ask Me Any Question
  • Eligibility To APPLY FOR My Inner Circle Personal Coaching Group...Acceptance strictly limited

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Here’s What You Will Be Able To Do

     When you complete all of the classes and implement everything I show you, you will be LIGHT YEARS ahead of the competition. Here’s what you should be able to do upon completion of the Bootcamp

  • Know how to set up webpages painlessly in minutes...instead of weeks.
  • How to make your pages magnetic and attract the EXACT targeted prospects you want
  • How to send TONS AND TONS of targeted internet traffic to your sites (this is where most beginners...most marketers for that matter go wrong...) using the latest paid and free traffic sources.
  • How to generate targeted leads from that targeted traffic
  • How to use autoresponders and how to send precisely crafted follow up messages to all your leads automatically
  • How to apply the “video formula that makes money” to all your videos so that they bond your viewers to you so they become your raving fans
  • How to convert your targeted leads into sales
  • How to make $1,000s from the 95% who say "no" to you. "The $5,000 Per Month "Blueprint"
  • How to use 3 simple tracking tools and thus know EXACTLY how many visitors it will take to earn you any amount of money you desire
  • How to become unstoppable and NEVER again let obstacles prevent you from achieving your goal

I’ve Saved The Two Biggest Problems For Last

     Now when you break learning to market on the internet down the way the Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 does, going from zero to actually generating leads and making your first money online really becomes a focused exercise of following the proven blueprint I give you in the Beginners Bootcamp.

     Is it easy?  No.  But it is very very achievable.  Dozens of my students have completed the Bootcamp and are now successfully marketing their webpages online.  At first, they were just like you…stuck and without a clue.  But with the simple, step by step guidance I provide in the Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0, they overcame their obstacles…and so can you!!

     Right.  So now that you know what to focus on and you have access to a step by step program to guide you through, there’s just a couple of things that very often get in the way.  Those two things are…

         When Timer Hits ZERO...Price Increases!!!

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     Over the course of your Bootcamp, I’ll often refer to these twin foes.  Applied to the task of internet marketing, people will often either be so afraid of even investigating any opportunities (out of fear that they don't know enough) or they procrastinate and never take action on opportunities/training that will help them.

     Right.  So now that you know what to focus on and you have access to a step by step program to guide you through, there’s just a couple of things that very often get in the way.  Those two things are…

     My friends, most things become worse, not better with neglect.  And FDR was so right when on the occasion of the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor he told the nation, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

     People are making money RIGHT NOW on the internet.  In fact, the internet is making more fortunes than anything else in the history of mankind!! It’s just CRAZY for you to miss out on this modern day gold rush.

     You should know, I used these same strategies to earn over $60,000 in 2 days! 

     I'm in the process RIGHT NOW of using these very same strategies to generate over $1,500,000 in the next 12 months.

Don't Procrastinate...When Timer Hits ZERO...
                  Price Increases To $1497!!!

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No Income Guarantees

      Now let me be absolutely clear here.  I can’t make you any guarantees about how much money you will make.  Your success will be determined by how much you work and how well you apply the lessons I teach you.

     What I can say though is that with the proven, step by step guidance I give you in the Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 , your chances of success go way way up. Doesn’t it make sense to have the odds in your favor?

     Aren't you tired of being left out?  Here's your chance to get on board...or be left behind once again.

     Most times when people call me and confess that they are scared to take action, I reassure them that the first best step they could ever take is coming in to get help.  From there I can ask the right questions and most often create a solution.  However, you must do your part and address these issues in enough time so that viable solutions can be found.

"O.K. Kevin. How Much Does This Cost?"

     The Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp SHOULD cost $5,000 or more (what people regularly  pay me to coach them)...but if you buy by the deadline below it ONLY costs $997 (UNTIL TIMER HITS ZERO IN 3 DAYS..THEN PRICE INCREASES TO $1497!!!).

     This price includes access to over 12 hours of posted  personalized step by step video  instruction lessons. You can review the lessons at your own pace and go back and study any section you need extra time with.

     Ordinarily, 13 hours of my coaching costs $5,000 or more so the opportunity to get my 12 hours of recorded lessons for only $997 represents  A STEAL!!!.

      You'll also receive as bonuses:

  • My Comprehensive "7 Figure Rolodex"
  • How To Become Irresistible To Your List Training
  • List of Paid Traffic Sources
  • How To Become Unstoppable Training
  • Access To My Blog and Facebook Groups
  • Ability To Request To Join My Inner Circle Personal Mentoring

Are You Willing To Invest A Small Amount For The Possibility Of Changing Your Life?

     One of the first hurdles beginners have to get over in beginning their internet marketing business is what I call "the lottery mentality."  That's the mindset that believes that all they have to do is "set it and forget it."  That "I shouldn't have to spend money on my business."

     I'll just cut to the chase here my friends, if you're not willing to invest $997 (until price increases when timer hits ZERO...) in yourself...in your own education in order to learn how to potentially make tens of thousands or more each month...and each week and in so doing possibly change your life....then you're not the kind of person I'm interested in spending my valuable time with.

     Truth is, all business owners invest money in their business…and the ones who invest the most generally are the ones who’re the most successful…it’s a fact!!

             When Timer Hits ZERO...price increases to $1497!!!

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Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee

   When you purchase the Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0  you get 30 days to try it out for yourself.  During that 30 days if for any reason you believe the Bootcamp is not for you, just email me and your money will be refunded...no questions asked.  How's THAT for taking all the risk out for you?!!  You have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!

"Kevin...This Lesson Was Great.... How Do I Start?"

   By now you know there's a TON  you need to know about  internet marketing.  Contrary to what late night infomercials and slick hypey Multilevel Marketing slicksters would have you believe, effective internet marketing is about MUCH MORE than setting up a glitsy clone web page for $25 a month, blogging or sending out a few tweets on Twitter!!

Going It Alone?...Bad Idea. 97% Fail

    In reality, the learning curve for beginners wanting to market online is pretty steep and there’s a ton to know.  If you try to go it alone, there’s an overwhelming probability that you will fail.  In fact over 97% of people who start an online business fail!!!

   However, by leveraging my experience, and the experience of the dozens of beginners I have brought from know nothing beginner to online marketer by learning from the Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0, your odds of success literally skyrocket!!!  Doesn’t it make more sense to have the odds in your favor?  Of course it does!

Preparation, Plan, Education

   You've heard me say it several times already.... Your Preparation, your Plan, your Education and Information  are what make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

   I can't make you be prepared nor can I force you to get educated.  What I CAN do is give you the right information and training.  And that's where my Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp 2.0 comes in.  I designed this course especially for beginners and it addresses all of the common problems and stumbling blocks all beginners face.

   I called this course a” Bootcamp” because, similarly to the military,  my Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 is designed to take people from all walks of life and all levels of knowledge and get EVERYONE to the common endpoint of successfully designing and posting a web page online, driving traffic to that site, generate targeted leads  and converting those leads into sales.

    In fact I teach you a $100,000/month blueprint so you can know EXACTLY what to do to make money.

Overcome Technical Issues FAST AND EASY

    You’ve probably experienced the frustration of getting started in this very technical oriented media.  And take it from me, you WILL be dead in the water if you try to go this alone!!!  I tried, and I wasted  close to a year stumbling and bumbling around in the wilderness…sound familiar???.

    I didn’t know any better, nobody was willing to take the time to tell me what to do…and there certainly was nothing around like my Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0.  You now have a distinct advantage…don’t ignore this golden opportunity.  Put the odds in your favor!!

                 When Timer Hits ZERO...Price Increases To $1497!!!

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You KNOW You Want This.

    Click on the link below and you will be taken right to the Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp 2.0 Sign Up Page where you can enter your credit card or PayPal information.  After you sign up, you'll receive immediate access and you can begin right away.  No waiting for a package in the mail.  All your lessons and a FAST START guide will be right there ready for you to begin immediately.

        When Timer Hits ZERO Price Increases To $1497!!!

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Regular Updates

   Let me say, that the pace of change on the internet is breathtaking and change is the name of the game. Since all the Lessons in the Internet Marketing Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 are posted on your members area,  I can make revisions and updates easily and you will receive all these updates automatically.

    As a result, by owning the Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 you will ALWAYS be plugged in to the latest cutting edge developments in this fast changing media.

If What You’re Doing Now Isn’t Working… You’ve GOT To Do Something Different

     Well my friend, I've done all I can do.  I've addressed each and every critical concern you as a beginner face and I’ve created the perfect vehicle for you to begin your internet marketing business...even if you know absolutely nothing about the internet or marketing.

    I’ve recorded 12 cutting edge, yet simple, easy to understand Classes/Lessons which guide you from nowhere to having your pages up, functioning, driving targeted traffic to your sites, generating your own targeted leads and converting your leads to sales....and CASH!!

    I even give you a step by step blueprint for what you need to do to make $100,000 per year.

    As a bonus, I’ve also included my personal Rolodex of resources, Selling and Mindset Trainings so you know where to get any and all the help you’ll ever likely to need at the start.

The next step is up to you


 When Timer Hits ZERO...Price Increases To $1497!!

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"Its Your Life....Make It Extraordinary"
Kevin Pritchett

P.S. Here's what a few of my students are saying about the Internet Marketing Beginner's Bootcamp and my  Coaching:

“Hello Kevin,
I just want to send a note to say THANK YOU!!!!
I have many mentors in my journey but I must say I have
definitely received some of the best mentoring from you.
You have an excellent way of training that makes it easy
and fun to learn… I am pleased to say that due
to you teachings i have gained 60k in revenue
in my ventures…not to mention what my team…has made.
The best part is the value and support you give totally
out weighs any cost we incurred while working for you.
Again, THANK YOU Kevin, you have truly helped
us take our business to the next level.
Please keep doing what your doing, adding
value to peoples lives!!!!!”

Thank you,

- Jeff & Janet Grenier

“Kevin, How Do I Sign Up And How Do You Take Payment...Are You Serious??

I can do a lot of things, as you know, but someone like me, and I'm not ashamed to say, [regarding the internet] I know nothing.

I'm sure I and others would benefit greatly from your Beginner's Bootcamp. Do you realize how many "Computer Dummies" there are out there?

Now Are You REALLY Serious???!!"

- Sheryl Davies, Salem, Oregon

“When Kevin began coaching me... I felt more confident knowing that he was chosen to be a coach and that I was receiving valuable information from an experienced mentor. Things began to come together and a new world began to open in front of me.

Kevin's training was invaluable. I appreciated his professionalism, patience, understanding, guidance, and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. He still continues to do so.

The entire process has been enjoyable, so if you are serious about making things happen, Kevin can guide you through the process and the steps necessary to get you started. I can't say enough how important it is to be coached and mentored by a person like Kevin.

Thanks Kevin "

- Rick Canale, Lake Tahoe

"Quite simply, Kevin is a smart and
understanding entrepreneur with keen
leadership skills and abilities who is
willing to share his attributes with those
who are willing to learn, listen and lead

I believe anyone who takes his course will not
only be far ahead of the pack but will be on their
way to a life changing experience.  His course is
worth every dollar spent and more.  Needless to
say, I look forward to working with him for a
very long time.  He is truly a blessing."

- P Hundley, VETEP Productions

                                  When Timer Hits ZERO...Price Increases To $1497!!!

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