The 5 Internet Marketing Pillars

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There are only 5 things and 5 things only that determine whether or not you will make money online or otherwise in your business.  I call these principals t

The 5 Marketing Pillars

  1. 1. Create A Compelling Offer
  2.       Compelling in this case means an offer that addresses a deep concern and burning desire of your target audience.  Your offer is ‘compelling’ if it answers your prospect’s question: “Can Kevin really help me make money, quit my job, buy that house, travel etc.  Compelling is ALWAYS in the mind of your prospect and NEVER what’s of interest to you…get it???

2.  Drive TRUCKLOADS of targeted quality traffic to your offer

If you have the greatest product/service/restaurant/whatever in the world and nobody knows about it what good is it?  Driving QUALITY traffic is the one of the s most important job you have as a marketer.  Finding quality traffic is not as hard as it might seem.  My Gold Inner Circle Training modules on Paid Traffic (which you should be studying) show you EXACTLY where to find it.  My Beginners Bootcamp 2.0 gives additional in depth training on how to find, sort and qualify and purchase quality traffic.  Make no mistake, learning how to find, quality and purchase quality traffic is your golden key to your first $10,000 per month and beyond.


3.  Generate Your Own Targeted Leads

You can’t and won’t go anywhere buying leads…YOU MUST LEARN TO GENERATE YOUR OWN LEADS.  Its so much easier today than it was when I started.  Now there’s software that literally creates custom lead generation or ‘squeeze pages’ that captures contact info, funnels that info into a special autoresponder software that allows you to market ongoing to those leads.  You see, the beauty to generating your own leads is:

–they’re unique to you…rather than stepped on by countless others

-they’re generate them in real time

–when you capture leads in an autoresponder you can market to those leads over and over while only paying for them once

I go over ALL this material in depth in the Gold Inner Circle Modules.  If you haven’t reviewed them in a while…go back and do it NOW.

4.  Convert Those Leads To Sales

Conversion is the skill that literally pays you.  Lead conversion is a function of determining what your prospects most desperately want and giving it to them.  Sounds simple and in the main it is…but not necessarily easy.  Here’s why…

Most people don’t buy the first time they see something even if its exactly what they want.  In fact, 70% of all sales occur the 5th contact or later.  Given this brutal fact, FOLLOW UP IS KEY TO CONVERSION.  You MUST remain top of mind in your prospect’s world so that when they determine they’re ready to take you up on your compelling offer (remember, compelling means giving the prospect what THEY most want…) you’re right there in front of them for them to buy.

If you stop marketing after 1 or 2 times you’re leaving a TON of money on the table….

5.  Creating Ongoing Residual Income

The final pillar is creating income that is residual.  Even after you learn to sell you will get tired of constantly selling.  So in order to bring some consistency and so that you don’t have to ‘hunt’ all the time, learning to create residual ongoing income is key.  Examples are:

–monthly memberships

–monthly fulfillment e.g. vitamins, household products

The price of the monthly membership need not be expensive for you to do well.  In fact, one of the most critical factors in your residual income is “stickyness’.  In other words, its one thing to sell a membership but can you sustain it.  Over time you will lose some percentage of your members or monthly purchases…but the issue is to constantly create new members while retaining as many as you can (75-80%  retention is your target).


Ok…boiled down in this post are ALL the key components of becoming and staying successful with your business.  Study these pillars carefully.  Go back to the Gold Inner Circle Modules that teach each of them and if necessary reach out to me on the Gold Inner Circle Facebook Group with questions.

“Its your life….make it Extraordinary!”
Kevin Pritchett

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